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House Modernes

House Modernes, on the corner of Lange Viestraat and the Oudegracht river, is a classic example of a world-class location: in the centre of the retail heart of the city, within a short walk of Utrecht’s Central Station and surrounded by all sorts of activities, retail and horeca. Lange Viestraat is the busiest cycling and public transport route in the Netherlands, and a key part of the most popular shopping route through the city: via Vredenburg along Lange Viestraat to the Oudegracht and then via Choorstraat, Steenweg, Lange Elisabethstraat and Catharijnesingel back to Vredenburg.

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6th floor 3rd-5th floors 2nd floor 1st floor Ground floor Basement level -1 Basement level -2

6th floor

approx. 200 m² of office space and roof terrace

3rd-5th floors

approx. 1,650 m² of office space (excluding possible atria)

2nd floor

approx. 1,690 m² of office space (excluding possible atria)

1st floor

1,230 m² of retail space that may be partitioned as required, plus 360 m² of office space

Ground floor

approx. 1,430 m² of retail space that may be partitioned as required, 30 m2 for the entrance to the bicycle park, and 170 m2 for the entrance to the offices

Basement level -1

1,420 m2 of space in the public bicycle park

Basement level -2

720 m2 of space for horeca, leisure or retail in the former wharf cellars alongside the Oudegracht river


There’s a dynamic buzz about House Modernes: on average, around 90,000 people pass its location on the corner of Lange Viestraat (the busiest cycling and public transport route in the Netherlands) and the Oudegracht each week. This buzz comes from Utrecht’s 150 bars and cafés, 350 restaurants, 1,900 hotel rooms, 22 museums, 6 cinemas, 4 theatres, 9 pop stages and concert halls, and 8 art galleries. Anyone in search of entertainment and pleasure in Utrecht has more than enough choice.

Vredeburg - House Modernes - Utrecht

SHOPSThe location of House Modernes offers the best of both worlds. On the Lange Viestraat side is a busy main thoroughfare with a constant stream of people walking or cycling past the shop front. Yet on the other side lies the Oudegracht, where the romance of the historical shopping heart greets shoppers with a smile.

Work House Modernes will become the place where people go to meet and talk to one another, to work, exchange ideas and shape the future. During House Modernes’ development phrase, entrepreneurs are free to create working areas and floor layouts that will be the only ones of their kind within Utrecht’s city centre.

Offices - House Modernes Utrecht

Fietsenstalling - House Modernes Utrecht

PARK House Modernes will also become a stopover for thousands of cyclists. One of the largest bicycle parks in Utrecht is being constructed on level -1. With a huge 1,420 m2 of parking space along the busiest cycling route in the Netherlands, this publically available bicycle park will serve as a magnet to attract people visiting the city by bike, while also reducing the nuisance caused by bikes parked on the pavement.

ROOF TERRACE The roof terrace is a delightful and welcome, extra facility that can only be accessed by House Modernes. It’s an oasis of peace and quiet in an environment that’s constantly buzzing. This area is exclusively for the office users: it will not become a public space, as Utrecht City Council is not expected to issue a permit to allow this.

Dakterras - House Modernes - Utrecht

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