House Modernes Utrecht


The dynamism created by passers-by and active consumers will only increase over the next few years. This will happen not only due to the growing number of visitors to the city of Utrecht, but also as a result of all the redevelopments in the inner city. This will in turn lead to the organic shopping route through the centre, of which House Modernes is one of the landmarks, bringing yet more people into contact with the shops and horeca in House Modernes.

The current development phase for House Modernes – in the early summer of 2019 – allows retailers with larger and smaller ambitions all the room they need to create floor areas and layouts that would not be possible anywhere else. For the ground floor on both street sides, as well as for the first floor with the balcony, there are almost an infinite number of options. Thinking of a modest entrance downstairs, leading up to an impressive area with a coffee bar on the balcony overlooking the river? Well, you’ve still got time to make it happen!

Wharf cellars

Literally on the wharf of the Oudegracht, the picturesque river running through the centre of Utrecht, lies level -2 of House Modernes. It’s a modest, yet unique location, with a whole host of possibilities. You could for instance set up a small catering outlet here – such as a lunch café, a tea room or restaurant. Or perhaps a gym, attached to a coffee or juice bar. And to make it even more attractive, the entire wharf area in front of the entrance may be used as a terrace!
The surface area of these former wharf cellars, which are directly accessible via the quayside, is 720 m².

Night Impression - Shops - House Modernes - Utrecht
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