House Modernes Utrecht


House Modernes offers 7,370 m2 of office space. Considering the building’s location in the heart of the city, and the increasing need for flexible workplaces, the intention is for this to be used as open-plan office space. The dynamics associated with this layout suit both the building and its environment. For office purposes, House Modernes offers generous surface areas – that may still be divided up as you wish – on each level from the first to the sixth floor.

Shops - Layout 2th : 5th Floor - House Modernes

House Modernes biedt kantoorruimte over diverse lagen:

  • Ground floor: approx. 170 m2 for the entrance to the offices;
  • 1st floor: besides the retail space, an additional 360 m² of office space;
  • 2nd floor: approx 1,690 m² of office space per floor (excluding possible atria);
  • 3rd-5th floor: approx. 1,650 m² of office space per floor (excluding possible atria);
  • 6th floor: approx. 200 m² of office space and roof terrace.
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